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Blackpool Illuminations are an annual light festival, founded in 1879 19th September that year, held each autumn in the English seaside resort of Blackpool  and on the fylde coast in Lancashire.

Also known locally as The Lights or The Illuminations, they run each year for sixty six days, from late August/early sept to early November - At a time when most other English seaside resort's seasons are coming to an end.

Dubbed as " the greatest free light show on earth", they are 6 miles (10km) long and use over one million bulbs. The display stretches along the promenade from Starr Gate at the south end of town to Bispham in the north.

The Blackpool Illuminations is a must see at some point in your life :)

The Illumination's Daily switch on times:)   4th September 2020 till 3rd January 2021

  •  PLEASE NOTE: The illumination have been extended this year due to COVID so, we are unsure of the time for when the lights will be switched on and off in the evening after 8th November 2020.
  • DATE         
  • DAY
  • ON
  • OFF
4th September 2020


9.15PM 2.00AM
    5th september 2020       Saturday 8.00pm 12.00AM
6th September 2020 Sunday 8.00PM 12.00AM
7th September 2020 Monday 8.00PM 11.00PM
8th September 2020 Tuesday 8.00PM 10.30PM
9th September 2020 Wednesday 8.00PM 10.30PM
10th September 2020 Thursday 8.00PM 10.30PM
11th September 2020 Friday 8.00PM 10.30PM
12th September 2020 Saturday 8.00PM 12.00AM
13th September 2020 Sunday 8.00PM 12.00AM
14th september 2020 Monday 8.00PM 11.00PM
15th September 2020 Tuesday 8.00PM 10.30PM
16th September 2020 Wednesday 8.00PM 10.30PM
17th September 2020 Thursday 8.00PM 10.30PM
18th September 2020 Friday 8.00PM 12.00AM
19th September 2020 Saturday 7.45PM 12.00AM
20th September 2020 Sunday 7.45PM 11.00PM
21st September 2020 Monday 7.45PM 10.30PM
22nd September 2020 Tuesday 7.45PM 10.30PM
23rd September 2020 Wednesday 7.45PM 10.30PM
24th September 2020 Thursday 7.45PM 10.30PM
25th September 2020 Friday 7.45PM 12.00AM
26th September 2020 Saturday 7.30PM 12.00AM
27th  September 2020 Sunday 7.30PM 11.00PM
28th September 2020 Monday 7.30PM 10.30PM
29th September 2020 Tuesday 7.30PM 10.30PM
30th September 2020 Wednesday 7.30PM 10.30PM
1st October 2020 Thursday 7.30PM 10.30PM
2nd October 2020 Friday 7.30PM 12.00AM
3rd October 2020 Saturday 7.15PM 12.00AM
4th October 2020  Sunday 7.15PM 11.00PM
5th October 2020 Monday 7.15PM 10.30PM
6th October 2020 Tuesday 7.15PM 10.30PM
7th October 2020 Wednesday 7.15PM 10.30PM
8th October 2020 Thursday 7.15PM 10.30PM
9th October 2020 Friday 7.15PM 12.00AM
10th October 2020 Saturday 7.00PM 12.00AM
11th October 2020 Sunday 7.00PM 11.00PM
12th October 2020 Monday 7.00PM 10.30PM
13th October 2020 Tuesday 7.00PM 10.30PM
14th October 2020 Wednesday 7.00PM 10.30PM
15th October 2020 Thursday 7.00PM 10.30PM
16th October 2020 Friday 7.00PM 12.00AM
17th October 2020 Saturday


18th October 2020 Sunday 6.45PM 11.00PM
19th October 2020 Monday 6.45PM 10.30PM
20th October 2020 Tuesday 6.45PM 10.30PM
21st October 2020 Wednesday 6.30PM 10.30PM
22nd October 2020 Thursday 6.30PM 10.30PM
23rd october 2020 Friday 6.30PM 12.00AM
24th October 2020 Saturday 6.30PM 12.00AM
25th October 2020 Sunday 6.30PM 11.00PM
26th October 2020 Monday 6.30PM 10.30PM
27th October 2020 Tuesday 6.30PM 10.30PM
28th October 2020 Wednesday 6.30PM 10.30PM
29th October 2020 Thursday 6.30PM 10.30PM
30th October 2020 Friday 5.00PM 12.00AM
31th October 2020 Saturday 5.00PM 12.00AM
1st November 2020 Sunday 5.00PM 11.00PM
2nd November 2020 Monday 5.00PM 10.30PM
3rd November 2020 Tuesday 5.00PM 10.30PM
4th November 2020 Wednesday 5.00PM 10.30PM
5th Novemebr 2020 Thursday 5.00PM 10.30PM
6th November 2020 Friday 5.00PM 12.00AM
7th November 2020 Saturday 5.00PM 12.00AM
8th November 2020 Sunday 5.00PM 12.00AM

Please rememeber, the lights have been extended until the 3rd January 2021.

Switch on times are all to be confirmed and are subject to change. :)

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