Access Statement

Helping to make visiting a little easier


At The Edelweiss we aim to cater for the needs of all our visitors in our home based 9 bedroom guest accommodation. Our rooms consist of single, double, family and twin of which 8 are en suite and the single has separate shower room. Prices include breakfast and there is optional evening meal.


Email address website or call 01253 341265 if you have any specific questions and we will endeavour to help.
Nearest train stations are South Shore 10 mins away by taxi and North Shore 40 mins walk and 15 mins by taxi.
Local train station is on Lonsdale Road about 10 mins walk, 5 mins by taxi.
Public transport runs at both ends of St Chads Road. Promenade buses, trams and taxis. Lytham Road buses are 10 mins to town centre.
Near hire or mobility aids in 5 mins away on Lytham Road they will usually pick up and deliver.
Approx distance 2km to Town Centre, 3km to Blackpool Airport and 1km either way to the Pleasure Beach and the Tower.
There is a local taxi service that has accessible taxis on request, if required we can make a booking for you.


On arrival to The Edelweiss it is roadside off loading of luggage next to the kerb, which we can assist you with if required.
We are sorry but there is no parking at the Edelweiss however there is a local pay and display in the next street Crystal Road about 5 mins walk and Lonsdale Road about 10 ins walk, both are well lite area back to the hotel.


From the foot path there is a small step to the front patio area then a 13cm step to the front door of the hotel.
The door is locked, there is a push button bell at 160cms high and the door is 77cm wide opening to the right.
On entry into the property there is a hallway 107cms by 140cms to a second locked door. This also has a push button bell at 140cms high, the door is 80cms wide also opening to the right.
There is short pile carpet throughout the property.
The hallway leads down to the lounge area where reception is usually manned from 8am-10pm. Alternatively please ring 01253 341265. You have access to the hotel 24 hours.


Our corridors to the ground floor dining area are 90cms wide, there is a door to the dining room 75cms wide. There are 12 stairs to a small landing followed by 2 stairs to the left to the first floor hallway of 80cms wide with bedrooms 2 and 3, to the right there are 3 stairs to the first floor hallway of 75cms wide to bedroms 5 and 6. Off this hallway are a further 10 stairs to a second landing with 4 stairs to the left to a landing of 90cms wide with bedrooms 10 and 11, to the right
there are 4 stairs to a door of 70cms wide, the hallway is 96cms wide with bedrooms 7,8 and 9.
All the stairs are 29cms high, 24cms deep and 70cms wide.


The dining room is on the ground floor there are no steps, furniture is flexible and can be moved on request, tables have under space of 67cms high by 58cms wide and height of 74cms ( legs on each corner) there are chairs without arms . Menus can be provided in large print. Background music is played in the dining room and lounge.
There is no public toilet on the ground floor.


No facilities, local laundrette approx 10 mins walk.


No facilities, local shop at the end of St Chads Road.


No Facilities


Bedrooms 2,3,5 and 6 are on the first floor, bedrooms 7,8,9,10 and 11 are on the second floor.
All bedrooms are central heated and double glazed with short pile carpets. Door entrance to all bedrooms is 75cms wide, the door handles and locks are 100cms high. Single beds are 91 cms by 183cms and double beds are 137cms by 183cms. All bedrooms have overhead/side lamps,removable bed side cabinets, free view televisions with remote controls, hospitality trays, alarm clocks, hairdryers, ironing boards (iron available on request) and spare pillows and throws.

BEDROOM 2 Twin room with two single beds, space between beds is 120cms by 187cms. Fixed hanging rail at 192cms high.
BEDROOM 3 Double room with gap of 50cms to left of bed, 40cms to right and 90cms by 220cms to the foot. Fixed hanging rail at 185cms.
BEDROOM 5 Family room one single and one 122cms by 183 cms bed, gap between beds is 180cms, side of double 90cms and 70cms at the foot of the beds.
BEDROOM 6 Family room with one single and one double bed, hand wash basin in room. To the right side of the bed there is a gap of 140cms to the left 60cms and 40cms to the foot of the bed. To the side of the single bed there is a gap of 40cms and a gap of 120cms by 230cms around the sink.
BEDROOM 7 Single room with separate shower room. Fixed hanging rail at 183cms high, gap of 100cms toside of bed, 130cms by 225cms to foot of bed. The is a sink in the room.
BEDROOM 8 Double room with hanging rail at 190cms. Gap of 30cms to left of bed, 360cms to right and 46cms to the foot of the bed.
BEDROOM 9 Double room with hanging rail at 198cms. Bed is against the wall at one side with 236cms on the other.
BEDROOM 10 Double room with hanging rail of 198cms. Gap to left of bed is 46cms, to right 27cms and 100cms to the foot of the bed.
BEDROOM 11 Double room with fixed wardrobe. Gap to left of the bed is 68cms, to the right 57cms and 127cms tot he foot of the bed.


BEDROOM 2 154cm by 73cms with sliding door.
BEDROOM 3 160cms by 230cms,door opening to the right 57cms wide.
BEDROOM 5 140cms by 140cms shower with curtain 73cms, door opening to right 69cms.
BEDROOM 6 74cms by 120cms with sliding door.
BEDROOM 7 Separate shower room 84cms by 320cms, door opening to the left 69cms.
BEDROOM 8 73cms by 127cms, door opening to left with shower curtain.
BEDROOM 9 210cms by 144cms, door opening to the left 60cms.
BEDROOM 10 73cms by 156cms , door opening to left 52cms.
BEDROOM 11 73cms by 176cms, door opening to right 52cms.


Assistance dogs are welcome.
Mobile phone reception is generally good.
We are able to us the front door for evacuation, in the event of evacuation the sirens will sound, if you require assistant please notify us on arrival and we will ensure you are evacuated safely.
There is an emergency bell on the lounge door at 180cms high alternatively telephone on 01253 3421265.
We are a no smoking accommodation however smoking is permitted on the patio area at the front of the property.



36 St Chads Road


01253 341265